About Us

Terimac was established since 2003 as an enterprise before it became a limited company in 2010, and since then has become a leading supplier in stationaries, computer accessories, technical machines and furniture. Terimac has grown from relevant company to a relative company. Our approach to client over the last ten years has given us the impetus to dare the impossible. We have a network of staff that is equipped never to burn out easily in fast awakening of technology development.

Terimac is a global collection of people with the required skill to terminate the menace of unskilled labour and reform specialization to its apex position. Our reformation agenda has bought individual and corporate empowerment to its full stage. We are your sure base to skill development

Terimac offers a specialty programme in rendering of service. We are committed to our word on service delivery and service development We specialize in

  • All kind of spare parts
  • Computer and accessories
  • Technical equipment and support
  • General contractor.